In 2010, the most representative gathering of Christian leaders from around the world joined together in Cape Town, South Africa for the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. It was this congress that produced the Cape Town Commitment, which represented the convictions brought together by the Global Church. One of the convictions that were brought to the forefront of the world stage was Diaspora missions.

Today, ten years later, this mission focus is being celebrated with a historic Lausanne Diaspora Virtual Summit 2020 on Wednesday, August 26 and Thursday, August 27, for three hours each day. This is sponsored by Lausanne’s Global Diaspora Network (GDN) in partnership with the Global Diaspora Institute (GDI) of Wheaton College Billy Graham Center.

The Diaspora Summit is global in focus and participation. The expectation is to have hundreds of migration and diaspora scholars, advocates, and practitioners gather to hear global voices of the massive opportunities and challenges involved with the escalating trans-national migration for redemptive mission among the “people on the move”.

It is a virtual online gathering taking place at different times in different places of the world. Each day of the summit will have two major components – a regional celebration and a global celebration, with opportunities to connect with other leaders from your locality, and around the world. The summit promises to be an exciting, fast-paced gathering in three different formats – a pre-recorded video livestream, an interactive breakout session over ZOOM, and personal interaction using the Lausanne Connector App with other registered participants during and after the summit.

The celebration will help participants look back at God’s leading and then look forward to what God is up to in this new frontier in mission. The first day will tell the story of the development of the Diaspora agenda leading up to Cape Town. The second day will be a joyous recount of what God has accomplished in the reaching of scattered peoples. All of these will be through the brief sharing by pioneers of the Diaspora initiative and Lausanne Movement leaders, testimonies, and panel discussions. Worship in many languages and prayer will garnish the celebration.

The summit will be in English with opportunities for Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic speaking participants to interact in their respective languages during breakout sessions. Multiple recently published books on diaspora missions will be offered to all Diaspora Summit participants to download as free giveaways.

The summit is designed to be instructive in tracing the history, inspirational in hearing the stories of ministry advances, and an invitation for greater engagement with “people on the move”. To find out more about the upcoming Diaspora Summit and register today, please click here.

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